Sunday, 7 October 2012

Outfit for Steamengine IX: The Clockwise Masque

Outfit Friday 5th October 2012

Mini top hat with veil - Girl's jewellery store
Beaded choker- At another costume jewellery store. I missed this one last time around so I was excited to see it was back and had to get it!
Clockwinder necklace- Redheart13 on Etsy.
Pale pink lace top- second hand
Black and white striped dress- second hand
The white flower pins/ hairclips that hold it up- eBay.
Corset belt- eBay.
Grey skirt- second hand. I got it at a stall at the Marrickville markets the day I went to The Tempest Steampunked.
White glove- second hand
Red and black glove- England in 2007. 

Steamengine was amazing! The only steampunk thing I had been able to attend in the past was The Tempest Steampunked, which was also wonderful, but at this one, I got to hang around with other Retrofuturists, it was an amazing time! There was many wonderful acts including burlesque artists, contact juggling, firedancing/juggling/eating, and a woman who swallowed razor blades!

There aren't many photos up yet on the site, and I didn't take any myself as I didn't want to distract the performers. Not to mention my camera is pretty much useless where there is no natural light! I am sure some will be up on the Facebook page soon. If you live in Australia, it is well worth the trip to come down to Sydney for the next one!


  1. Wow, great outfit! I especially love the stripey dress! :D

  2. I really love the layering of the dress over the skirt!

  3. Your outfit looks fantastic!

  4. That mini hat <3 your outfits keep getting more and more victorian!

  5. It's gorgeous. Elegant and yet very steampunk. You look fantastic! The pics are so good.

  6. Okay, this has to be the very grooviest of all your outfits I've seen here!

  7. What a beautiful skirt!
    It works so well with your outfit. :D