Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oddities, featuring a Steampunk inventor, Murdoch Mysteries with Tesla and Code Geass

I have mentioned before how much I enjoy the TV series Oddities. I love all the fascinating things they find, from stuffed conjoined twin animals, to mummy hands, to articulated skeletons. I also love some of the repeat customers, especially Laura, the model, mortician and fashion designer. She has a great taste in clothes, as well as macabre collectibles. And the same name as me. :P

Season 2 episode 16: Edison's Monstrous Creation,  is probably my favourite! It features a steampunk inventor, and you get to see his home at the very end! Some of his creations are truly epic! There is also a creepy doll by Edison, the mad inventor who liked to electrocute dogs, and even an elephant, in his battle to discredit his nemesis, Tesla.

Speaking of the things Edison did, you can see a bit about the battle between Edison and Tesla in the first episode of the television series Murdoch Mysteries. The series is about a young detective in 1890s Toronto, and featuring the march of technology and scientific discovery. Murdoch relies on science to help him solve mysteries, as well as his 'intuiton' and the help of a female police surgeon. He likes to read medical and scientific journals for fun. There are some good in jokes, such as the idea of creating a "tele-vision", and the failed invention of "corn shards" (cornflakes) and the idea of "meat in a can". 

The first episode has Tesla in it, and he makes some pretty cool inventions. I have been a fan of Tesla ever since I saw The Prestige, which I guess could be said for a lot of people. I'm only up to about the third episode, but I am hooked so far. Credit for alerting me to this series goes to the Gnostalgia blog, which has a great Steampunk section!

My boyfriend and I also recently finished watching season 1 and 2 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's a fascinating alternate history drama set in a world that has been dominated by Britannia. All the other countries belong to them and are referred to only by number. Japanese live in area 11 and are only known as elevens, forbidden from referring to themselves as Japanese. When Lelouch, a Britannian prince in hiding from his vicious family is gifted with the power of geass, he puts into motion a complex plot to overturn the Britannian empire. 

There are many twists and turns in the series, and it doesn't shy from killing characters, and having dark moments, which I really respect. There were funny interludes, too, and the school, which were very amusing, even if they did not seem that important. It is a great series, and if you like your anime with a twisting plot and  characters who are tortured by the dark actions they have to take to try and change the world, than this series is for you!


  1. I hate Edison. And he didn't invent the light bulb, Joseph Swan did and the electrocution of the elephant is the most horrific thing...

    Sorry, I had to rant. Tesla > Edison

    Thank you for flagging up these shows. I love the sound of Oddities. I really didn't know about it at all. I wonder if it's on Netflix yet?

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment on my Steampunk clockwork beetle!

    1. Ha, ha, that is ok! I have known about Edison for a while now, but I keep on finding out more things were he took credit for others inventions, and did horrible things, like kill animals! I can't believe this is the same guy that that was held up as a hero for 'his' inventions. I wonder if one of the reasons he was celebrated so long and not Tesla is that Tesla was a foreigner, not a good American son.