Monday, 1 October 2012

Makeup experimentation and a few Aethernet finds

Outfit Friday 28th September (Evening)

The same day I had tea at that wonderful teahouse, I was playing around with makeup in the evening. As you may have read me saying before, thanks to insanely easily irritated skin, I rarely use makeup. Which also means that my attempts are pretty amateur.

This makeup and my skin did NOT agree, so I only had it on long enough to take the pictures. I am also making the white flowers into hairclips, but I need to buy some hairclips with the bits you can glue them onto, as the little wires in the back of the flowers keep falling out.

The makeup was pretty cheap and irritates my skin, but I think I would like to find something similar or in a more pinky colour in a brand that doesn't irritate my skin. I like a fairly subtle look, especially as that hides my inexpertise, instead of making it really obvious like dark makeup does! 

A few links off the aethernet:

A free pattern and instructions to make a mini steampunk tricorne hat!!!

Have you checked out the Steampunk Writer's and Artist's Guild? I just joined.

Lavender Almond Tea Biscuits : I haven't tried them yet, but I really want to!

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