Monday, 29 October 2012

"I hear that Australian girls have no combs, and must use fishbones to comb their hair!"

Outfit 15th October

This one is pretty casual, I just wore it to class. Been getting a bit lazy with dressing up, thanks to assignments. It's summer here, but the trains and my classroom are SO airconditioned, I always need to bring a jacket or cardi and socks or stockings.

Velvet cardi with ruffles- $10 secondhand, it was a lucky find, as they were still selling them in Tree of Life for $50 at the time.
Velvet dress- sale store. It looks better in real life, it's a really bright maroon colour, but it doesn't come out in photos. Velvet seems to be like that.
Cameo necklace- sale store, years ago

Title of post: Allusion to the song South Australia, an English/ Australian folk song.


  1. Well, it's freezing here and I'd love a velvet cardi with ruffles. It does sound gorgeous! That a lovely picture, you looks pale and pensive; very nice.

    I think I'm going to have to get myself a 'Passes for normal' Steampunk outfit.

  2. The cardi looks very nice *_*! The skirt looks more reddish in this picture but it's pretty. Your "casual" outfits look very classy to me :D

  3. I agree with Shannon :D Very classy!

  4. Nice outfit! YOu always succed in finding something nice in the thrift stores :)

  5. Very nice outfit. I admire people who can dress casual and still look nice. (I'm not one of them.)