Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tea at the Mad Hatters Tea House

Outfit Friday 28th September

I took this picture before I put on the cameo necklace.
Lace top, waistcoat with short sleeves and skirt all second hand.

On Friday the 28th of September I went to the shopping centre with my boyfriend's mother and grandma. Afterwards, we went to a place called Hatters Tea House. We had Turkish apple tea and rosewater and pistachio maccarons. The place itself was one of the most lovely I have ever been in. It was full of old furniture, tea sets, and hats. The most amazing hats! Stepping into that place felt kind of like coming home! I wanted to move in there!

Wonderful logo!

I would live in this room!

The rosewater and pistachio macarons. (Not my hand, I stole the pictures off their facebook.)


  1. i really love the lace top. and macarons are my favourite!

  2. what a cool little place. There is a cupcakery here that has a little room like this that you can rent for parties. I wonder if they have tea....
    Nice skirt! I love grey.

  3. this place looks amazing! We used to have a teahouse in this lovely old Victorian in my hometown, but sadly it shut down a few years ago.

  4. Wow, love the macaroons and yes please, next time I'm coming with you. Now, where's my teapot?