Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rich and Strange

Those who know me may have noticed that I have rather strange, arcane tastes. They may also know that the reason I would like to one day have quite a bit of money is so that I can indulge some of those tastes. These taxidermy creatures by Sarina Brewer are (in my opinion) as exotic and beautiful as they are disturbing. Yes, I want to be rich and strange! (I'm already strange, so why not?)

The little capricorn is by far my favourite, followed by the dark griffin, and then the brown one. I also think the winged monkey is a great one, but too creepy for me. (I know it's weird I think the monkey is strange and not the others.)

Check out her work. And if you are feeling kind, buy me one. Ha ha.


And also, doesn't Sarina look like the most delightful lady?


  1. I LOVE the griffin, and have been lusting after him since forever. Sadly, I'll never be rich enough to afford him! :o(

  2. I predict a lessening of my wallet...
    I love rogue taxidermy! Gah, I need to pick something and just save for it lol

  3. I can definitely imagine you surrounded by oddities in some sort of sprawling Victorian mansion :)