Saturday, 8 September 2012

Lovely Blog Award

Tommy Top Hat (also known as The Man Behind The Curtain) was nice enough to tag me for a lovely blogger/ Lovely Blog award! So many awards lately, I am so happy!

If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you have to! It is awesome!

7 Random Things About Me:

1. This year I legally changed my last name to Laura Morrigan after the warrior goddess.

2. I have always suspected I might be a changeling. Or perhaps I am a soul out of time.

3. As well as Victoriana and English culture and literature, I have always been fascinated by the various beliefs and cultures of Native American tribes.

4. I am part Chinese, but most people can't tell.

5. I collect cat soft toys. Only cute ones with real personality. One day, I want to have a 'real' cat familiar.

6. I've been obsessed with the Gothic genre since discovering Edgar Allan Poe in year 6. Discovering Anne Rice in about year 8 really cemented that.

7. When I am dressed in modern clothing, I sometimes feel more like I'm in costume than when I wear Steampunk/ Victorian outfits.


Whoops, I forgot I was meant to tag some other bloggers. I only tagged people I haven't tagged in my Liebster post, so don't forget to check their blogs out, too! Here goes.

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