Monday, 17 September 2012

Interactive Steampunk Adventure: Clockwork Watch

Clockwork Watch is apparently an interactive Steampunk adventure, that lets followers be involved through a shared world. While your characters will not be featured in the main story, there is apparently another part in which you can role play your character, film, interactions, etc. 

I don't really know all that much about it, because for one thing, I haven't read the story, which I am not sure I can afford thanks to being a penniless student and the fact that the UK exchange rate for me means I would be paying three times the price! But it seems very interesting.

If you are interested, head over the the link and check it out. I assume it would be best to buy the first book if you want to role play, so as to not constantly annoy everyone else with asking what is going on, who the factions are, etc. 

Anyway, I urge you to follow the link and read the about page, because they actually know what they are talking about and explain it way better than I do.

If you do already participate, please let me know how you find it. :)

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  1. Hi Laura, my name is Yomi Ayeni, I created Clockwork Watch.

    Thanks for the mention! We have a published a free digital preview of Breakaway our follow up graphic novel, and will be offering a much reduced price digital version of the Arrival, later today. As a thank you, I will be sending you a link to get a free copy for review.

    We appreciate your support, and Clockwork Watch live events start in the USA in 2013.