Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Twix commercial

Even chocolate companies are getting on the bandwagon, such as this steampunk inspired Twix ad I just saw on TV. No, it's not very steampunk, but you can see that that is kind of what they were aiming for, probably without much real steampunk knowledge.

I guess I better hurry up and get my book written! Although, of course, for me it's a life, not just cheap commercialism.

1 comment:

  1. Made exactly the same observation as you on the Twix ad. The hit game Bioshock Ultimate was massively steampunk styled. A year or two and there'll be 'steampunk' accessories in clothing in the High Street ..albeit missing the point by being of the peg and by the numbers...

    All strongly identifiable subcultures seem to get aped (laughably) by the mainstream for a period... punk, goth, metal have all had their moments of wild popularity before settling back to being subcultures