Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bite Me! A Vampire Farce

Online Comic by Dylan Meconis

This was given to me as my 'secret santa' webcomic for Webcomic Wonderland on Goodreads, and I am extrememly grateful to whoever suggested it.

Bite Me! is a short and very enjoyable read, it kept me both impressed and laughing the whole time. I like a story that is funny, but still takes itself seriously, and don't fall completely into ridiculousness. The story had cute protagonists and a good mix of deadpan humour and puns. There are so many wonderfully quotable lines!

The 'dramatic facial expressions' as someone referred to them as in the online comments, were priceless, and the use of different fonts when people made speeches was impressive. The whole thing also appears to have been hand written, which is impressive. All the characters had their own crazy personalities, and I loved them all.

There is probably nothing else I can say about this graphic novel without gushing embarrassingly, so I will stop now, and simply urge you to read it. It is free to read online, so that should make it easy. Go, read it now!

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