Thursday, 20 September 2012

Air Pirate Princess

Outfit 20th September 
I went to a workshop on writing for comics run by a friend.

Silver clock key from a clock my family were throwing out. 
Dress and pleather waistcoat second hand.
Socks from eBay.

Jacket second hand.


  1. What a wonderful outfit, it looks amazing, especially the vest!

  2. Am SO liking the jacket in the second pic! I know you said it is second had . . . do you sew at all? I just found 5.5 yards of a floral upholstery fabric at Goodwill and am thinking it wants to be a Frock Coat. Now I gotta find a pattern for one that I like (and won't drive me crazy! I do sew put don't have much patience for super detailed work).

    1. Thanks, I really want to start making my own clothes, I need to get some practice sewing! I'd love a frock coat too, most of the patterns I find are for men's ones. I am trying to make a collection of links that have patterns and suchlike on the 'steampunk supplies' tab of my blog.

  3. I love so much this outfit! so cute!