Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Recent Outfits

Friday 10th/ Saturday 11th August

Monday 13th August?
Morticia Addams and Egyptomania

Yin Yang and Scarab rings

Ankh earrings and necklace.

Date unknown
Purple, silver, ruffles.

Saturday 25th August?
Glamorkin pendant

Pendant from The Fable Tribe

Support them, they are not just talented craftswomen but also inspiring authors!!!

Tuesday 21st August
Warrior Queen

I've had this ankh for years, but I've never really worn it until fairly recently. It's pretty heavy, but I love how it looks. I love Egyptian symbols and their meanings.


  1. The ankh is lovely! And so are the earrings :D.
    I really like that skirt you paired with a purple sweater, is it a floral pattern?

    1. Thanks. Yes, It's silver and black flower print place over black mesh! Totally awesome!

  2. i love your "themes"! and the ankh :)

  3. Wow, I love your scarab ring! I used to have a resin one with a beetle in it when i was about four but I tried to get the beetle out and broke it which i really regeret!