Thursday, 30 August 2012


I went to Lofty Words last night, which is run by the writer's society at my university. It was fun, people red poems, stories, monologues. I read a short story. The night was fun and inspiring. There were so many people there I hadn't met before, and other people who turn up to meetings more hadn't met either. I don't know where they all came from. Maybe they were imaginary friends? Ha ha. I'm always joking about imaginary friends, so if you don't get what I am going on about, don't worry.

I have been quite inspired with writing recently, I've got a few short stories done and been working on some longer pieces. it's been good. Probably because I have assignments, I always seem most inspired when I have assignments and don't have time to write. Murphy's Law is a killer.

Also, because I am always making up Gothic/ Victorian/ Steampunk outfits, which I occasionally post on my other blog, I decided to try and take some good images, and put them up as a stock account on Deviantart in the hope that someone will make something awesome with them. Mostly because I'm not a good enough artist. This is the account if anyone is interested.

And you can just check it out if you like my outfits, too. :)

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