Thursday, 16 August 2012

God Save The Queen

Graphic novel by Mike Carey and John Bolton

Beautiful art that looks like paintings and an interesting new story combine to make this short graphic novel a pleasure to read. Sandman fans may recognise a few minor unnamed characters such as Nuala, Lucien, and, I am pretty sure, Daniel, but knowledge of the Sandman comics in not essential as this is about an unrelated character. 

God Save the Queen is about Linda. Her father left recently and her mother is drinking. She is going to clubs and finding more dangerous ways to forget. When she meets a group of people who invite her to shoot up her blood mixed with heroin, which they call 'red horse', she discovers the ultimate high. Little does she know what it may cost her, or that these people are not from our world.

A fresh and enjoyable urban fantsy graphic novel that combines modern issues like drug use and strained familial relationships with legends of faerie. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy and the art of graphic novels.

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