Monday, 6 August 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge Day 7

Outfit Monday 6th August
It's simple but I just love this dress. Lace collars forever!

Day 7 ~

This is the end of the week!
What was your favourite day and to finish off this week?
Who inspires you most of all (fashion-wise)?

I think my favourite day was probably yesterday. I must have really liked the challenge since I put so much effort and time into it. But it was all good! :P Thanks Dani!

I think I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday and already posted some of the people who I admire. I must be psychic :P

I will just post some random other inspirations.

The Tribe. NZ TV show. Apparently very popular in Germany at the time. There was a time when I had all the outfit pictures saved on my computer. Unfortunately, I think a lot of them aren't online anymore. The plots could be a bit immature sometimes as it was for kids. I want to see the later seasons.

There was a great mix of tribal, punk, goth, and in later seasons, cyberpunk outfits. I would marry the outfit designer, I really would!

You can still find the basic outfit rundowns on the website:
and in the season photos, although I can't find as many of the outfit photos as there used to be.

Also I love weird circus inspired style. I don't really feel good about going to see them because of the performing animals, but I like the idea of them. Mostly weird, freaky, evil circuses. :P

This picture is from the movie Big Fish.

If you like circuses too watch the TV series Carnivale and read The Night Circus. They are my images of the perfect circuses, one dark, one beautiful!

Thanks again for the challenge! I will try and go back to the 30 day fashion challenge after this :P


  1. If you like circus, in the manga Kuroshitsuji there was a saga which was set in a late 18th century circus... the outfits were to die for, I'll show you some examples:
    Click (2)
    Many people did the cosplay of the characters of that saga... have a look, I think you may like them :D!

  2. I saw a bit of the movie 'big fish' yesterday, because yesterday and saturday it played on...... axn? I guess so! Lovely post Laura! I'm soooo not going to leave that blog, I've done some different things on its appearance, don't forget to give me your opinion it's reeeally important to know what you think! And it's been almost a year since you followed me and wrote about me in here! Awwwww, xxx, Rita