Friday, 3 August 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge Day 5

I identify as Neo-Victorian/ Steampunk/ Steamgoth. I am inspired by elegant victorian fashions and love Victorian gothic novels. The first gothic stories I read were actually by Mr Poe, who is an American, then The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

What I love about Steampunk is it draws on the aspects of the Victorian Era that I love- the clothes, the beautiful buildings and elegant carriages, the dark melodramatic novels, but it changes the aspects I am not so keen on, namely, giving women a much more adventurous and wild role than that which they mostly played in society.

I have loved gothic stories and Period drama miniseries on TV from a young age, but I only recently discovered the term Neo-Victorian and realised how much it related to me.

I have also been a bit of a metalhead, been through stages where I wore all black, all bright colours, and a kind of grungy almost kinderwhore-grown-up style stage back in 2011 before I really discovered the Steampunk genre and launched myself headfirst back into it. My style has always been based more on clothing and books than on music. I like music but don't really know all that much about it except what I do and don't like.

I don't think I have many photos of myself as a teenager, as to say my parents did not like my style was an understatement. Parents are like that. You can wear Supre miniskirts and they don't care, but when you start wearing black...

I rarely ever wore much makeup, and I almost never wear any now thanks in part to terrible hand-eye coordination skills and also thanks to insanely sensitive and allergic skin. Last time I tried Inglot cosmetics they were still ok for me (although removing it made my eyes hurt) but the last time I tried Napoleon Perdis my eyes started stinging so badly. I was in a shopping centre at the time and everything was closing for the night, and luckily I managed to find one of those stalls that sells skin products and this sweet european girl called Starv cleaned it off and moisturised my sore eyes for me. I still remember her name because I am so grateful. It would have been a long and painful trip home.

My current inspirations are Victorian, Steampunk, Steamgoth, Romantic, Edwardian (which is usually included in Neo-Victorian), Rococo, Pre-Raphelite, fairy, circus. The list goes on. I try not to ever just be one thing, to give myself entire freedom about who and what I am.

I mostly shop at second hand shops. I love the thrill when you find something awesome for about $10 or less. Sometimes $20. There are also lots of really beautiful things I would like to buy online one day, when I have the money, as I would like to have a few more really Victorian looking things in my wardrobe.

My recent favourite outfits:


  1. Whoaaa these are all beautiful and awesome! I especially love the victorian hair with blue flowers
    Mirror and Moon

  2. Wow *_*! The dress in the fourth pictures is so pretty! And I love your whole outfit on the seventh picture; black lace and combats are two of my favourite things, and here they're combined <3

    >You can wear Supre miniskirts and they don't care, but when you start wearing black...

    Yeah, let alone when you wear black miniskirts....

  3. Wow. I love everything on this page right now o__o
    x <3 :D!

  4. I think I'm going to explode .. so much awesome! I love your outfits x-)