Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge Day 4

Sorry for the image quality, camera problems. Getting a new one soon. As you can see one is overexposed, one underlit, one really underlit.

Take a picture of you in your most expensive item of clothing/shoes/accessory (old or new photo.)
What brand is it? (or did you make it yourself?) What is this piece used for? (photo shoots, special occasions?)
Include a number of pieces to complete an outfit with this piece if you so wish :)
A lot of expensive items that I used to have that are no longer mine, like my old platform boots. Probably the most expensive things I still have are this gorgeous brocade coat I got for $80 (I wish I had got it in black, too, even though it was expensive!) and this gorgeous vintage leather skirt I got for $70 recently. I also have an old lip service top I have never worn that I got on holiday in England in 2007. I got it from a goth shop in Bath. It's one that has been worn by both Christina Scabbia (although hers had white stripes) and Kenzi in Lost Girl which pleases me. Maybe I will wear it someday. I don't want to remember how much it cost, probably too much.

The skirt has a black lace cut out bit and scalloped raw-cut leather at the bottom.

Outfit Thursday 2nd July:
This has been a tiring week, so I barely had the energy to throw together an outfit and drag myself to university. I decided on just a plain dress that I liked and a long sleeved top (because it's really cold right now where I live). I also wore my black crosses necklace, although it's probably hard to see in the picture and I tried to take photos of just the necklace and they didn't really come out well. 

Anyway I was glad I went to uni because the class is actually really interesting!

Dress, top and necklace all second hand.

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