Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fyeah Fashion Challenge Day 6

Outfit Sunday 5th August 

Bird skull earrings: Zombeerazer Oddities on Etsy.
Puffy sleeved jacket second hand
Scarf on wrist second hand (can't see it in picture)
Spiked cuff from boyfriend in our early days (can't see it in picture)
Belts Ebay
Skirt with lace trim: ??? Some shop with an xmas voucher
Cobweb tights: Costume section of dollar shop.

I painted my fingernails with monster eyes back like I did in 2011. The tutorial is here if you're interested. 
My toenails are black with glitter.

Fyeah Fashion Challenge: 

What do you consider to be classy clothing? Do you own said clothing?
Also, what fashion 'rules' do you dislike - such as clashing colours: (insert colour here) doesn't go with (insert colour here) or  Goth fashion and invisible rules (do -this- and -this- and you're a Mallgoth, etc)?

Rules: I hate rules! I try not to follow them :P I did the whole clashing clothes "unicorn vomit thing" so I don't think the clashing thing bothers me all that much :P I say do your own thing, be yourself, be unique! :)

I think you all probably have guessed by now what fashions I find elegant. I love Victorian inspired style and try to emulate it. This picture from Dani DeathBiscuit's page really just sums it up:

But I also love people like the following who have their own quirky, wonderful, totally individual style (although it has of course been copied by others later in many cases! :P ) To save space I will only post one picture of each, but you will find loads all over the internet!

Amanda Palmer. I keep wanting to shave off my eyebrows and paint them on like her. Then I remember I have no hand-eye co-ordination and can't even do even eyeliner. :P I was lucky enough to see her in a free concert. She is amazing!

Adora BatBrat. I think her look is wild and wonderful! She is also inspiring me in regards to hairstyles, which I think I definitely need more inspiration in! She is also a wonderful mother to three kids. Who says alternative people can't be great parents!

Annie Lennox is a real chameleon. I don't think she has a look I don't love. This is a bad screencap from No More Goodbyes, I took it last night. I want to do that hair somehow!

Anna Varney Cantodea. I love her music as Sopor Aeterus. It is beautiful and melancholy, and the sound is often kind of medieval? or something. I don't know anything about music, but I think it's amazing. She is scary looking, doesn't try to fit normal ideas of beauty, etc. I respect that!

Kate Bush. I did a massive montage of her outfits on this blog ages ago. Kate's style was quirky and always changing. And Stevie Nicks the 'unlikely Godmother of Goth'. :P (If you don't get that quote, you need to see Gypsy 83. I implore you to find a copy!)

Lene Lovich is also worth checking out. 

And last but not least there is Siouxsie Sioux. There is those iconic eyeliner and hair, but there's also all the other crazy outfits she wore. You should definitely look some of them up on google images. 

I could probably find so many others but this post is already so long! 


  1. Victorian <3
    I'm so envying you right now because you got to see The Dresden Dolls in concert. And yes, her eyebrows are just amazing, but just think about waking up every morning and having go draw them again XD (and seeing yourself without eyebrows in the mirror... o_o)
    I'd never heard about Anna Varney Cantodea and Sopor Aeternus (eternal sleep? Brrr), she's a little bit scary but fascinating... I got curious and checked out her band's songs, and I'm liking them! Thank you for letting me discover them :)

    1. Thanks! :)I was actually an idiot and missed The Dresden Dolls concert, but I saw Amanda on her own and it was still wonderful!

      I'm glad you like Sopor Aeternus. So wonderful, so underrated, not very well known for some reason. A quote I heard once from one of her songs stayed with me for years and recently I thought I would look up who she was. Where was she all my life! :P

      Thanks for all your lovely comments!

    2. I'm sorry you missed them! I used to listen to them a lot when I was younger, they're definitely one of a kind.
      May I add that your outfit is gorgeous <3? I absolutely love that kilt, and that belt, and those tights <3

  2. Costume tights are always the best! And Lene Lovich is completely incredible. xxx