Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cobweb Queen

Spellbound: Fairytale Themed Cobweb Club 
Friday 17th August

Snow Queen inspired outfit

Cage headpiece with bird by me. 

Earrings and necklace by Zombeerazer Odds and Ends. There's a 50% off sale at the Etsy store at the moment.

Ruff by me from underskirt tulle.

The club was so fun, I got to dance to my old school Goth music and talk to cool people, and I won a prize for my hair! Can't wait 'til the next one!


  1. Wow, the headpiece is really awesome! Wearing random objects on your head is the best thing ever <3

  2. I tagged you in the Obituary Challenge :D

    Love your style x

  3. Oh, wow...!! I got here by clicking the link in your latest post, but this looks is amazing! ^^