Monday, 16 July 2012

Victorian Madgirl

Saturday 14th July

This outfit is from before the outfit challenge.

I went out to lunch with my friend in the city, and we went to the second hand shop and found a couple of cool things.

Hair: I spend about half an hour trying to redo the updo from a few days ago. It failed spectacularly, so I took out the pins and hair rat and pinned it into a sort of messy updo. It kind of looks like an escaped madwoman's hair. I also put my dark brown/black and gold roses in it, but it's hard to tell, because the colours blend in with my hair in the photos.

Ribbons tied around neck
Jacket, dress and skirt under dress secondhand.
Belt and socks from Ebay.
Ankle boots and hair flowers second hand.

This is the jacket I found in the secondhand shop. I love that it looks kind of circusy. Sorry for the photo quality, my beloved camera really has a lot of problems these days and I need a new one.

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