Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Outfit Inspiration:Wicked Witches in Once Upon A Time

In Once Upon A Time (the TV series) the evil queen gets all the best outfits. In the past, at least, I don't like suits. The other two second best costumes have also been worn by witches, Maleficent and the gingerbread house witch. I am so jealous, I want them for myself! I especially loved Regina's purple flocked frock coat/dress in the Hansel and Gretel episode (which is as far into the series as I have got so far).

I took photos of my TV screen while I was watching, because it seems hard to find full length photographs of Regina's outfits on the internet.

Gorgeous flocked/ brocade coat split over leather pants. The colour is beautiful!

The gingerbread witch's outfit is not as unique, but I love her crimped bouffant hair with weird spiky black bits in it and her crazy spiky collar.

It's like the costume designers are making all my dream outfits. They're all my favourite colours, too!

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