Thursday, 12 July 2012

Neo-Victorian Glamour

Sunday 8th July

On Sunday, I decided to experiment with a Victorian updo I'd been wanting to try for quite sometime. It's based on a couple of YouTube tutorials, but I adapted it for my shorter hair and inferior hairstyling skills. I'll link the videos at the bottom of this post. 

To get this volume, with fairly short hair, you need to use what is known as a 'hair rat' which for this is a kind of large piece of fake hair. To make mine I used a long 40 cm clip in piece from a discount store. You don't need to use good quality extensions because if you do it right, they shouldn't show, so just get cheap ones. You sort of roll it into a ball, and put it in a hairnet if you can get one (I couldn't, but it worked out okay.) You put it in the middle of your head, and pin all your hair over it, then use a lot of hairspray. The tutorials will show you how better.

One thing to note, the less hair you have, the smaller your hair rat should be. Mine was a lot smaller than the ones in the tutorials, as my hair is considerably shorter.

when my hair was done, I stuck in some fake flowers, and put on a black and white striped bow barrette that I made with a bow from an old piece of clothing.

I liked it so much, I had to take a huge amount of photos. These are just a few. 

Top and skirt second hand. Corset belt from Ebay.

Bird skull necklace and earrings from Zombeerazer Odds and Ends on Etsy.
Belt from Ebay.
Dress second hand.

Bird skull necklace and earrings from Zombeerazer Odds and Ends on Etsy.
Dress and corset top second hand.

Tutorials from YouTube:

This is the simplest and quickest one. It's for 'Amy Winehouse hair' but the principle is the same.

This is the first one I saw that really inspired me. It's for a Marie Antoinette inspired hairdo and makeup. The key is adapting it to what you want it to look like.

This one is way more advanced, with a truly awesome final effect, for those really skilled at hairstyling or with willing servants. 

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