Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Julia Wood and Neo-Victorians

Julia Wood sounds like a truly wonderful person, and I would love to meet her. This woman lives my dream of taking the best bits of the past and incorporating them into her lifestyle. Her house looks lovely, and she creates her own classically styled outfits together with a dressmaker.

I have recently been reflecting on my love of Victorian literature and clothing, and how much I feel at home in more Victorian styled outfits. I recently learned the term Neo-Victorian, which describes my pretty much lifelong love of these things. (Can you say lifelong when you're only 25?) Of course, I'm a bit of a steampunk girl, I like the good parts, but I know it wasn't perfect back then. Which is why it's great to live now but take the parts you like from the past. I am happy to continue doing this as it makes me happy, and maybe one day, I will get to have a house and wardrobe like hers. We can always dream.

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