Monday, 30 July 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge Day 1

Outfit Monday 30th July

This outfit is kind of a combination of many of my influences. Victoriana, Rococo, evil Gothic circus...

Purple flowers in hair from dollar shop
Silver beady things from Xmas cracker
Birdclaw earrings from redheart13 on Etsy
Cameo necklace from costume jewellery store
Ruffly shirt, vest and skirts second hand
Socks from eBay
Worn with my usual ankle boots that I love and wear everywhere and my black velvet jacket with the Delerium pins that is probably my second most adored item.

Here are a couple of photos of the other two things which didn't appear in these photos.

Favourite items: My boots and jacket.

Favourite boots:

Favourite jacket:

Striped stockings and socks are also one of my favourite things.

The badges:


  1. Very nice!
    Also I do believe you have the wrong link my dear! :D

    Which is your favourite piece?
    The writing seems to be missing :P

    1. Thanks! It is probably a little unclear because I wrote it at night and was pretty tired. When I thought about it, my boots were my favourite item because I wear them nearly everyday, and the jacket was my second fave.