Monday, 16 July 2012

The Bookman

A Steampunk novel by Lavie Tidhar

In this novel, historical whimsy, science fiction and a love of literature walk hand in hand down the dreamlike corridors of the authors mind. There is no doubt that the world Lavie Tidhar has created is a masterpiece. In an alternate England filled with the luminaries of science, literature, politics, and ruled by lizards from space, a boy called Orphan must find his place in the world, facing the mysterious Bookman and his exploding books and the dangers of London and beyond. I loved the rewritten history, and the details that really helped create this world. I adored all the references to writers and literary characters, and unusual little elements, like the whales that sang in the harbour.

I enjoyed the unusual metaphors the author used, which I assume he created himself. It really made the novel feel rather original, and I loved the evocative imagery of them.

The story itself definitely surprised me more than once with unexpected plot twists, but I think they were valid decisions to make, and I think it's nice when a book surprises you (as long as it doesn't blow up!)

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