Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Very Wicked Victorian Headmistress and Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge Day 2

Outfit Tuesday 31st July

I never let my students have cake!

This outfit was originally intended to have a severe hairstyle, but in the end it turned out cute instead because I didn't feel like it. 

Blouse and skirt second hand
Cameo brooch from sale store

Coat second hand

Cool find:

I found this jacket at a sale store today for $20! I love it, it totally reminds me of Jack Skellington!

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge:

My hats and boots. I think I need more hats!

I added the sash and brooch to this felt top hat. I love the look but it's too big for me.

Mini top hat. It came painted like this. It has a kind of weird scaly/ bloody look which I love.

My beloved boots.

My clockwinder necklace. One of my favourite items ever! From redheart13 on Etsy.

Necklace and earrings by Zombeerazer Oddities on Etsy. They remind me of Ginger Snaps and my namesake, Morrigan, the goddess, who sometimes appears as a crow.

Cameo necklace. I also have a similar brooch I wore today. I wear a lot of cameo brooches, actually.


  1. The stripeyness is awesome. I like your blog. I am sometimes a frustrated writer too:)

    1. Thanks Carla. I am somewhat addicted to stripes and always keep an eye out for them. I hope I will have more time to write soon, uni kills all my time. :P

  2. I love the hat <3! Your style seems to be very retro-inspired, this is really nice :) very elegant.
    At first I thought that the earrings were representing a plague doctor mask XD (that could've been interesting btw XD)

    1. Thanks Shannon. Plague doctor masks are awesome, I wish I had one!