Saturday, 30 June 2012

"When the Infernal Damned Come Knocking on the door, Arabella, there will be no more time for tea and cakes!"

Outfit Sunday 24th June

Sorry about the picture quality, my faithful camera is having troubles and I am afraid I really need a new one.

Purple top- sale shop
Clockwinder necklace- redheart13 on Etsy
Black lace top- second hand
Black leather and lace skirt- and amazing piece I got at the Newtown markets!

I also had my same black velvet jacket with this outfit.

The title isn't from anything really, just yet, but I may yet put it in one of my steampunk tales.


  1. Your outfits just get better and better! Could you possibly do the pictures in a larger size?

    1. aw thanks so much! I think if you click on the image it gets a little better but I think that's as big as it gets. :)