Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Echoes of the Past

Outfit Friday 4th May

Together this dress and top are perfect!

The top, dress and brooch are all second hand. The dress also has a black lace rosettle on the front with a lace bow, but it's hard to see in the picture.

I was going for Victoriana, but it also feels a bit 1800s Spain to me, too. Like in the flashbacks of Goya in Bordeaux (although they had longer skirts). 

I am obsessed with this jacket. It's black velvet (velvet and lace being my favourite materials), nipped in at the waist, and has these amazing cold and red beaded buttons.

The earrings didn't come out in the pictures, so I took one of them, too.

The ankh is one of a pair I got when I first had pierced ears. The scarab was apparently brought back from Egypt by my great-grandmother, it had a hole through it so I put in on an earring hook. The skeleton hand is a pendant that I found in my boyfriend's old stuff. I wore it through my sleeper earring.

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