Monday, 21 May 2012

Come Back To Me A While, Change Your Style Again...

Outfit Saturday 19th May

Velvet jacket second hand
Black cross necklace second hand
Clock Winder necklace by Redheart13 on Etsy
Dress from sale shop.

Title: Taste in Men, Placebo. The music of my childhood, yay!


  1. You really have perfected the witchy look that i always fail at. Beautiful outfit!
    Out of interest, have you ever tried using a ouija board?

  2. Aw thanks. Took years of practice to look like this, lol! No, I haven't used an ouija board, I think I'd be too scared, I don't want to call up anything nasty by mistake. I think that ghosts really could be the echo of bad emotions left when people pass on and I don't really want to bring them out. I was checking out ouija board print clothing on ebay the other day, though :P

  3. i loove placebo so much! that dress is absolutely gorgeous on you.