Saturday, 7 April 2012

Style Inspiration: The Witches

I'm not a big fan of this movie, I find the witches overly grotesque and rather an insulting representation of witches, but there were some cool clothes in it, so I did my best to snap pictures when it was on TV tonight.

Black coat with braid, dome buttons and leather lapels, studded beret on one side of head, black bow on the other, studded bag (unfortunately the flap is open in this picture)... what could be more perfect??? I love this outfit so much! 

I seem to remember studded berets like this came in again about last year or the year before. Fashion really does move in cycles, doesn't it. You can make a beret like this yourself with studs or buttons.

I had trouble getting a proper picture of this outfit, Angelica Houston moved around too fast. She had a purple kind of petal thing going on around a short cape over a black dress. Perfection!

Hat, veil, gloves, oversized rings, all in black and shades of purple! Classy but witchy, too! I love it!!!

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