Monday, 23 April 2012

Style Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

Unfortunately I don't have the sewing skill to make clothes like this or you can bet I would be running around in Marie Antoinette dresses with slightly less pouffy skirts that could actually fit through doorways!

I adore the bodices of these dresses, and all the neckbows and chokers! And the little hats!

I'm not sure this is the right era, but I love it!

I think this might be English, but the child's dress is like a simplified version of some of Marie's gowns. A good reference for if I ever learn to sew well enough to make gowns!

Christian Louboutin heels. 

This dress is similar to her Petit Trianon dresses, only with shorter sleeves. I love dresses like this!

Amazing wigs/ hair! I love all the flowers and things in it!

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  1. oh my god these are all so beautiful. i love marie antoinette!