Monday, 23 April 2012

Style Inspiration: Goya In Bordeaux

I saw this movie a while back. I loved it. It wasn't as much straight-out history as the journey through the memories and hallucinations of a dying man. A truly amazing movie. I also just realised it is by Carlos Saura, whose film Cria Cuervos (Raise Ravens) is one of my favourites!

I also loved the costumes which roughly fit into the period of upper class Spanish style between about 1795- a bit past 1800 (going by Goya's paintings of Maria Cayetana).

I apologise for the state of the images, being photographed off live television.

Purple dress with black lace trim and purple hair decoration.

I adore all these dresses, but especially the one worn by Cayetana, the duchess of Alba. It is the same one as in Goya's portrait, The White Duchess. 

Goya's candle hat! A hat with candles around the brim for painting when it is dark! Genius! And it looks awesome, too! 

Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of Goya in his hat from Goya in Bordeaux so I have to settle for this one from Goya's Ghosts.

A self portrait in said candle hat. 

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