Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Replacement

YA novel by Breanna Yovanoff

I can't think of a single thing that was wrong with this book! Everything was perfect!

Mackie Doyle is a changeling child, a replacement. When he was a baby he was left as a replacement for the real Mackie Doyle, stolen from his crib by fairies. All his life he has felt alone, and struggled to survive when metal- and even human blood- are poison to him.

Then the fairies come into his life. These are not the cute little winged creatures of our childhoods, nor the beautiful, statuesque romantic figures of many other YA novels. No these fairies are dark and scary. Some are mutated and strange looking, some are even dead. And then there are the sinister Lady and The Cutter.

Mackie has found a place where he may belong, but it is a terrifying place, and all he really wants to do is fit in within the world of humans, the world where he truly wants to belong.

I loved the characters, the descriptions, and the names of the places, such as Gentry, the realms of Mayhem and Mystery (also known as Misery). The town history and the bits about music were great. I loved the way Breanna Yovanoff described music in a way that even someone who is not a musician can understand the feeling in it! She made it so visceral!

I loved Mackie, a loner with a good heart, tortured by his identity, I think Breanna Yovanoff really gets what it is like to be a teen and a bit of an outsider. I also adored Mackie's sister Emma, she was smart and kind and so loyal, a really amazing girl! There were other great characters too, but I don't want to give away too much!

This is a wonderful work of dark YA fantasy, very original feeling, and exciting from start to finish!

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