Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pure Joy!

Outfit Tuesday 10th April

These are some beautiful items I really love!

The necklace is second hand, it's been in some of the previous posts.
Maroon velvet top second hand.
Crimson satiny skirt second hand.
My absolute favourite colours at the moment, and velvet and gorgeous satiny materials are my favourite materials!
Wearing this outfit was pure joy!

Black knee boots from Shop 55.

Grey wool jacket with fake fur collar second hand. So warm for winter, and the lining means I can still wear it, even though wool irritates my skin usually. I've had this one for probably about two years, I almost always wear it to university when it gets cold. 


  1. i absolutely love this outfit. the shape of the shirt is so amazing.

  2. pretty dress! this is perfect with the boots!