Wednesday, 18 April 2012


YA novel by Francesca Lia Block

This novel was beautiful but terrifying. It is the story of people living a wonderfully idyllic life that I long for, but their happiness is destroyed by cancer. Perhaps Echo always felt invisible next to her beautiful mother, but their house was filled with love and light, her mother's amazing cooking and her father's gorgeous paintings. When her father becomes ill she loses her way, and, while away at university, becomes dangerously ill with an eating disorder.

Throughout this story, we witness many beautiful moments frozen in time and many amazing characters, but the story is also dark, dealing with the personal battles of the characters. It was very poignant and touching. The back story of her parents love made her father's illness all the more painful. In the end, this is a story about hope and transformation, but it is also about reality. Not all the characters know how to heal themselves.

This story is both about the battles people must fight to find their way in a hard world, and the beauty and magic we must try to capture to get us through it.

Yet again, I feel my words hardly fit to describe Francesca Lia Block's writing, and I urge you to read it for yourself!

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  1. Oh, goodness. What a great review and I've read her work before so I know she's good. Adding to my list. Great job.