Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wear A Mustang To Match Your Lipstick

I love muscle cars. Big boxy looking old cars are really my thing. I love Mustangs especially the GT500 and I also like Chevys. Unfortunately thanks to Supernatural, now everyone wants one and it'll be even harder for me to find one. 

Of course, my car would be red or black, or maybe dark metallic blue and no one would be lying on the bonnet upon pain of death!

I wish I could win a Mustang just for buying lipstick! What happened to all the good competitions???


  1. This car really reminds me of the ones near the end of Help! God, where DID the good competitons go? I've always dreamt of having a camper van, but those are also becoming too mainstream.
    To your qs on my last post; the light was really lovely when I took the pictures, but even though my camera was disgustingly exspensive (my inheritance money, muttter mutter)it still doesnt capture the full depth of colour, so I edited them on using an effect called Cinemascope which I use on everything, then an increased temperature.

  2. Thank you! The problem with my goggles is that they are not wearable without a hood. because the screws exceed.