Friday, 9 March 2012

Victoriana/ Gothic

Outfit Wedneday 7th March

I wore a sort of Victoriana inspired top with a black gauzy gothic faery skirt.

Hair: 'Estella' hair, see following post
Necklace: silver unicorn pendant (op shop)
Top: op shop
Skirt: op shop

Coat: Caroline K Morgan, bought from a bargain outlet, but it was still pretty expensive.
I wish I'd got it in black and white, too!

Detail of skirt and boots. Yes, my trusty ankle boots got fixed and they're back! So happy!

I loved the way the skirt billowed about as I walked, too, very dramatic!


  1. i love your style so much!

  2. That skirt is so gorgeous - delicate and raw edgy at the same time. You wore it well with the light top)