Friday, 30 March 2012

Recent Finds 06: Black Lacy Sweater and Ghosts of Trees Dress

The sweater is a thin black lacy weave with a flower design. I don't think it'd work as a winter jumper, but I think it'd be fine for summer and I like the look. 

The dress i decided to call the Ghosts of Trees Dress. It is mesh, grey and black and looks kind of ghostly. The  design seems to be a dark landscape.


I have just run out of image space! Argh! Not sure what to do! What do you guys do, or have you not run out of image space yet? I know my images are too big, but I can't work out how to resize them without photoshop, which I no longer have! Switching to a new blog won't give me more space, will it, since I am still under the same google profile. 

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