Monday, 12 March 2012

A Really Quick Update and Notes on Free/ Cheap eBooks

Assignments are piling up so there is not much time for writing. I have some reviews I want to finish, but they may have to wait a few weeks. I discovered that even without a Kindle you can download eBooks from Amazon to read online. This is fantastic as there are actually quite a few free or 99c books on Amazon! (You download them and read them through Amazon 'Cloud'.) Wow! My world is changing so fast, who knew an anachronistic girl like me would ever grudgingly embrace technology? But where books are concerned, I am willing to brave it, after all, books are my second great love after my boyfriend! (Yes, it is possible to love a human being more than books, who would have thought!)

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  1. I think we will always be "paper loving girls" but cheap books are GREAT READS. A lot of those books I have are free or $1.99 or $.99, some special offers from publishers. Going to post my review soon of Everneath.