Friday, 9 March 2012

How To Do 'Estella' Hair

After watching part one of the new BBC production of Great Expectations last Sunday, I was determined to copy the hairstyles of the young Estella. While still having fairly short hair, I managed what I think was an acceptable approximation of one of the styles.

1. Separate front portion of hair and make into small plaits. secure with hair elastics.

2. Side View.

3. Pull back of hair up into a high ponytail, as close to the top of your head as possible. If you have short hair like me you may have to separate it into two sections, and do the top half first, then pull up the second half and secure it to the first. 

4. Roll the high ponytail into your best attempt at a bun and secure with hairband wrapped around it or maybe hair pins if you are good with using them. I just used a hairband and it stayed fine. I would have liked the bun to be larger and flatter, but maybe when I have more hair...

5. Side view.

6. Pull the plaits up so they lie in a loose loop across the side of your head and secure with pins. I actually had to use hair clips as I didn't have any pins, but pins would probably show less.

Do you know how to do any cool old fashioned hairstyles? Let me know!

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