Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Dark Wife

YA Mythic Fantasy novel by Sarah Diemer

The Dark Wife is a retelling of the Persephone myth. In achingly beautiful prose, Sarah Diemer tells the story of a young girl, deep in her first love, when her lover is violated and then turned into a flower by her lustful and domineering father, Zeus. King of the gods, he lords it over everyone, mocking other gods, and treating both gods and mortals as if they are his possessions. 

At a party at Mount Olympus, the young, still grieving Persephone meets Hades, the goddess of the underworld, and finds herself strangely drawn to her. For Hades, mockingly called the Lord of the Dead by Zeus, is in fact a woman, and not cruel, but kind. So begins a love story that will change everything you might have thought about the Greek gods, revealing a new and fascinating interpretation. Sarah Diemer's descriptions of the underworld are lush and beautiful, sometimes beautifully horrific. I found the ending unexpected and wonderful. The characters really got into my heart.

I really loved this as I had always imagined the Persephone tale as more darkly romantic, and this was really perfect to me!

This has been another 'six out of five' for me. A definite must-read. It can be read online free through Goodreads or Sarah's website, and if you like, you can buy a copy to support her.  

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