Sunday, 11 March 2012

Awesome Decor: Great Expectations

I absolutely adore the decor of the house in the 2011 TV miniseries of Great Expectations. My absolute favourite things are the masses of dusty bell jars filled with dead stuffed birds and dried flower arrangements. I tried my best to get some pictures to share. I was saying to my love that I could definitely live there, even if it is only a set on a soundstage somewhere.

And the wallpaper, I love that kind of wallpaper!

There is also a cool curved horn thing. Perhaps a cup?

And of course dead flowers in vases and gauzy cloth draperies...

Candelabras. One of my favourite things...

Amazing view!


  1. the decor of the house look fab!!

  2. Is this out? Why do I miss all these things. I cannot wait to see this. Love the pics.

  3. The release date seems to be staggered. It says on IMDB it came out 2011, which I assume means England, and Australia 2012, so maybe it is yet to reach the shores of your country.