Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alice In Wonderland Music Video

I love Alice In Wonderland, although I suppose there are few people that do not. While I don't really listen to this band, I saw the video on Rage (a music show) and thought, I could definitely live in that music video.

I love the checkerboard/ chessboard patterns everywhere especially on the women's outfits. They had cool hair, too. 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Recent Finds 06: Black Lacy Sweater and Ghosts of Trees Dress

The sweater is a thin black lacy weave with a flower design. I don't think it'd work as a winter jumper, but I think it'd be fine for summer and I like the look. 

The dress i decided to call the Ghosts of Trees Dress. It is mesh, grey and black and looks kind of ghostly. The  design seems to be a dark landscape.


I have just run out of image space! Argh! Not sure what to do! What do you guys do, or have you not run out of image space yet? I know my images are too big, but I can't work out how to resize them without photoshop, which I no longer have! Switching to a new blog won't give me more space, will it, since I am still under the same google profile. 

Recent Finds 05: Retro Rocker Girl Jacket

This purple lace and crimson faux fur jacket reminds me of something a rockstar chick might have worn in the 70s, 80s or even 90s. It looks to be an 80s piece. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the colour with the camera. The crimson refuses to come out in the pictures, which is a shame as it is truly stunning!!!

I realised it doesn't look very rock and roll with the more classic style dress, but it would look way more rockin' with more rock style clothing.

Recent Finds 04: Mauve Daydreams

I love the colour mauve, it feels peaceful, light and dreamy. Like faint light and dust motes through a lightly curtained window on a summer afternoon.

I found the top and dress at the same place, and I knew i had to get them to wear them together. The dress is a little bit darker than it came out in the picture.

Recent Finds 03: Pirate Cuff Jacket

I haven't been well so there hasn't been much to post recently. So now that I'm feeling better, I decided to post some of my recent finds. 

This light summer jacket that I found in a second hand shop has pirate-like cuffs, so I had to get it!!!

Recent Finds 02: 80s/ Gothic Lolita Skirt

This 80s skirt I got for $5 has a bit of a Gothic Lolita feel. It's puffy too, although it came out a little less puffy looking in the picture. I love the high, curved waist!

The top isn't new, but it's probably the perfect shirt, and one of my top finds ever!

Recent Finds 01: Evil Circus

I haven't been well so there hasn't been much to post recently. So now that I'm feeling better, I decided to post some of my recent finds. 

I doubt there will ever be a time when circuses will not inspire me!

I found all of these items: top, belt and skirt in op shops recently. The belt has gold lions on it. The top is black and white vertical stripes, one of my favourite patterns. I very much hope to one day own a black and white vertical stripe coat!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Photo from Neil Gaiman on WhoSay...

Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

"Spent today driving backroads across Tennessee and Kentucky. A perfect spring day that ended here"

Neil Gaiman- The Sweeper of Dreams

I haven't had much time to post recently, what with assignments and being unwell, plus I'm reading five books at the moment so it might take me some time to finish them.

I love Neil Gaiman's writing, it's original, and I love the way he tells the story. And in this video Neil is reading it himself so that's another plus!

Please follow the link below, it's totally worth it!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Why Heroines Die In Classic Fiction

Fascinating article. Have you ever wondered why heroines seem to get ill so easily or die in classic fiction? I know I have. They seem to get a cold and just die or nearly do so. Obviously the whole practice of bleeding people when they were already ill couldn't have helped. This article offers some interesting explanations or diseases of the times they could have suffered from.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wear A Mustang To Match Your Lipstick

I love muscle cars. Big boxy looking old cars are really my thing. I love Mustangs especially the GT500 and I also like Chevys. Unfortunately thanks to Supernatural, now everyone wants one and it'll be even harder for me to find one. 

Of course, my car would be red or black, or maybe dark metallic blue and no one would be lying on the bonnet upon pain of death!

I wish I could win a Mustang just for buying lipstick! What happened to all the good competitions???

Velvet Daydreams

Sorry for some of the photos being a bit blurry, I'm having a few camera problems. I truly hope my faithful five or six year old camera is not leaving me.

Outfit 24th March

Everything second hand!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dreamy Days

Outfit 23rd March

The lighting wasn't great. It's beautiful hazy light outside, but doesn't make for great indoors photos. It's a beautiful mild day, kind of dreamy.

black lacy dress from op shop. I love the kind of laid back 90s feel of it. It feels lighthearted and makes me just feel pretty. 

Nailpolish- Ultra 3 in Scarlet. This is the longest my nails have been in a long time and I love how they look, I'm trying hard not to break them. 

Style Inspiration: Imogen Heap

I love the outfit and aesthetic of this music video I saw on TV a while back!

The Vampire Chronicles

The first writer to really humanise vampires, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles remain modern literary masterworks. She took the character of the vampire from dark menacing presence, and fleshed them out. She gave them life histories, motivations, secrets. She made them dark and tortured and beautifully wicked. It was Anne Rice who truly taught us to love vampires.

Her books are eloquently penned, Gothic epics spanning centuries, filled with opulence and terror. Paris, Louisiana, New Orleans, Italy, Egypt... she takes us across the world. I discovered her novels when I was only thirteen or fourteen and was swept away by them. Her stories of the Savage Garden of life, and the predators that haunt it. Tortured, regretful, so very human Louis. Misunderstood and misanthropic Lestat, sometimes the villain, sometimes the hero.

It is clear that most modern vampire stories draw on Anne Rice's mythos. Louis, especially, the tortured vampire sometimes forced by his guilt to feed upon rats instead of humans clearly played a part in the creation of Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel), and, of course, the flavour of the moment- Edward Cullen. In The Vampire Diaries, the painful and unhealthy co-dependant relationship between the brothers could be said to mirror the early relationship of Lestat and Louis. Even the migration of modern vampire novels to America, especially the South can be traced to Anne Rice's novels.

So why aren't their praises sung so much anymore? Why are modern YA novels preferred to these classic Gothic tales? Do love triangles and high school romance appeal more to the modern audiences? I will admit to watching a the Twilight DVDs (I could never get into the books) and enjoying them as far as rather uninvolved enjoyment goes. After all there is some good cinematography, and the landscape is beautiful, however I always felt there was something missing. The focus was too small for me, the story of two lovers, not a complex plot involving the lives of many over a long time and it does not share Anne Rice's dark, violent lyricism.

Rewatching films like Interview With The Vampire and Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, they clutch at my heart. I lament ever seeing modern vampire films to equal them. Of course, Coppola's Dracula was heavily adapted from the novel, the whole dark love story element likely having been influenced by The Vampire Chronicles.

On Goodreads, most of the Vampire Chronicles books are rated at a little over 3 ½ stars, far too low a rating for books that spawned an entire genre of their own. Twilight rates approximately 0.20% higher.

I think we need to rediscover the modern classics of our era such as these novels. I will never forgot the sense of awe I felt when first reading these books, the respect I felt for the brilliant writer who, by letting us into the hearts of vampires, let them into our hearts.  

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Young Adult Novel by Gail Carriger

"What if all those strange and unexplainable bends in history were the result of supernatural interference? At which point I asked myself, what's the weirdest most eccentric historical phenomenon of them all? Answer: The Great British Empire. Clearly, one tiny little island could only conquer half the known world with supernatural aid. Those absurd Victorian manners and ridiculous fashions were obviously dictated by vampires. And, without a doubt, the British Army regimental system functions on werewolf pack dynamics."

Gail Carriger. Interview in the back of Soulless.

One of the things I love most about this book is the way it does weave the werewolf and vampire legends into British History. The vampires and werewolves are not hiding in the dark. Two of the queen's main advisors are a vampire and a werewolf. I liked the hierarchies, wolf pack and vampire 'hive' dynamics and the relations between the human and supernatural worlds. I liked the group known as BUR that hired both supernatural and human employees to regulate human-supernatural relations.

Another thing I loved was how she changed the whole soul thing (for want of a better word) around. Instead of having vampires as soulless creatures, vampires and werewolves are actually creatures with 'an excess of soul', and it is 'preternaturals' like the heroine, Alexia Tarabotti, who are without souls. I thought it was interesting that a term traditionally used to describe vampires in the Anne Rice novels was applied to a human in this novel.

As a preternatural, Alexia can neutralise the powers of a supernatural with a touch. I enjoyed the little joking references to things such as Alexia having no taste in clothing because she had no soul.

The romance bit was fun, with some rather steamy making out and neck biting, which is always sexy. I liked the revelation of the villains, I thought it made a lot of sense and went along well with the other themes of the book.

I did feel that Lord Akeldama, as the only homosexual secondary character was perhaps a little stereotyped, being flamboyant and dandified, although he was still likeable.

The story is fairly light, with an enjoyable way of poking fun at society, although it does get a little bit darker at the end when we finally meet the villains. All in all an enjoyable book. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Edward Gorey

How Edward Gorey inspired the music video for Nine Inch Nails' The Perfect Drug.

I've loved Edward Gorey's art since I was a child. I think it's darkly beautiful.

Nine Inch Nails, The Perfect Drug

The aesthetics are perfect!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Barbie Jewellery!!!

I've wanted a Barbie arm necklace for a while now, but these pieces are real works of art! Can't work out where to buy them, but I figure they're pretty expensive!

Check out the rest of the collection:

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Metallic Blue Nailpolish

I love this metallic blue nailpolish! It's called Blueberry by Mode. It's only $2! I love cheap nailpolish!

The cover of the book is the inner cover of Russian 19th Century Gothic Tales, inside the dustjacket. I'm reading it at the moment, it's a truly delightful read!

The Woman in The Red Dress

Outfit Saturday 17th March

Dress and cameo brooch (on bodice) second hand.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Spiral Clock

I don't know if this is a real clock or a photoshop, but I love it! It is very Tim Burtony.

The Moth Diaries Movie

Apparently there is going to be a movie version of Rachel Klein's The Moth Diaries. The book was fantastic, a creepy psycological Gothic novel along the lines of classic Gothic stories such as The Turn of the Screw, where it is never clear whether the threat is real or imagined. Rebecca is jealous of her friend's close relationship with the new girl at school. Is Ernessa a lesbian... or a vampire?

The Moth Diaries draws strongly on Gothic roots, also reminiscent of is Le Fanu's Carmilla, another favourite of mine, and perhaps Coleridge's Christabel, although it is hard to tell as Christabel was never finished.

I am sure the movie will be less subtle than the book, given the promotional pictures with a girl with blood all over her forehead, but hopefully it will still retain that which made the novel so enjoyable.

Maybe it will be great. And it's nice to see a vampire movie that is not a YA romance anyway. I would love to see more books based on the Gothic genre becoming movies!

Watch the trailer and tell me what you think.

Outfit Inspiration: Helena Bonham Carter: Morgan Le Fay

Helena Bonham Carter has always inspired me. I have always wanted her gorgeous crinkly hair and smokey eye makeup. Her outfits in many movies have been unspeakably wonderful, and since there are too many to fit into one post, here are a few to start off with.

This is Helena as Morgan Le Fay in one of the best movies/ miniseries ever, Merlin! (Queen Mab in this, played by Miranda Richardson, is another inspiration to me.)

Some other random photos I found of Helena on the internets

As Bellatrix Lestrange. I'm probably going to do a post on her style from this too!

I want this hair!!!

As Marla Singer. I absolutely adore Marla! I will do a post on her, too!

As Anne Boleyn.

Awesome bozo 80s/ 90s style!

In Sweeny Todd! Another big style inspiration!

Bellatrix again. The hair volume is awesome!

I also love her personal style, she wears outfits to events that leave some people screaming in complaint. She usually ignores the typical styles for openings and galas, and wears quirky creations! I love her individuality!

Beautiful fabrics!

Velvet corset and sleeves.

Love the fairy dresss!

Love the corset and red satiny dress and mini top hat!

Outfit Inspiration: Steampunk