Monday, 16 January 2012

Today's outfit

This is what I wore when I went to see the movie, Hugo. It was in one of the cinemas I hadn't been in before. This one had parts of The Birth of Venus within painted archways that had scowling fauns on them.

The dress was from a second hand shop. I love the gathered bits on the skirt!

Earrings and necklace a Christmas present a few years back.

Detail of the cool gathered bits on the dress.

Crazy velvet shoes of the sort King Charles or a noble might have worn back when high heels were for men.


  1. i love the gathering in the skirt!

  2. Such a lovely dress! And those perfect shoes! You look beautiful and it all suits you very well. Romantic.


  3. Oh, Laura, these are gorgeous. I love, love that dress. AND you look great. Those shoes. Now I want those shoes!!!!!