Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Predator's Gold (The Hungry City Chronicles #2)

Novel by Philip Reeve

NOTE: You probably shouldn't read this review if you haven't read Mortal Engines yet. You really should read it, it is an excellent book.

Predator's Gold is the sequel to The Mortal Engines. Tom and Hester, older now, and a couple, have been travelling the skies for the last few years, in the ship, The Jenny Haniver. They have been flying 'the bird roads', trading and being generally quite content. But one stop at Airhaven changes all that. For they take on a passenger, Professor Pennyroyal, a rather annoying little historian. Soon they are being chased by more than one person, all of which mean to do them harm.

Meanwhile, Anchorage, an ice city nearly decimated by the plague moves across the Ice Wastes, looking for a place where they can be safe...

I really enjoyed this novel, although there are bits in this that made me sad. I feel sorry for Hester, who is still so self concious and full of self hatred, and I wish she would see that she is just as good as everyone else. She is by far my favourite character. Tom can be frustrating, but as Hester would say, his innocence and trust is what makes him Tom, and could we really like him otherwise. Caul is also an interesting character. 

I don't want to give away too much, so I will just say that this was a very engrossing and exciting book and I was hooked from cover to cover. A must read!

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