Friday, 13 January 2012

The Phoenix Requiem

Free Online Graphic Novel by Sarah Ellerton

The town of Esk is a superstitious one. They believe that there used to be beneficent spirits, who helped guide their dead to a better place. But now those spirits are gone, imprisoned along with terrible demons, and, even if they could be set free, the demons might come with them. Therefore, the dead must be cremated to stop them roaming.

Anya is a young woman training under Doctor Blythe. She believes in science and caring for the sick, and has no time for beliefs of spirits and demons. But one night, a wounded stranger stumbles into town. Anya saves his life, and the stranger decides to stay for a while. Soon Anya will have to begin to question whether or not spirits and other entities are real...

I am currently reading this free online web comic, among all the other things I am reading at the moment. I am enjoying it immensely. It has just the right amount of mystery and revelations to keep me interested. The pacing is good and the characters likeable. Anya is an intelligent and driven young woman, intent on achieving her career, despite what people might think of a woman taking on this role. Her friend Petria is a tomboy, great with a sword and uncaring about the rules of society. The stranger, Jonas is mysterious and troubled, and Robyn is faithful and protective. The art is lovely, with evocative settings of the wood and wonderfully mysterious smoky beings. The character's faces are open and easily readable, and the costumes are delightful. I wouldn't mind having Anya's dresses and coats and Jonas's waistcoats in my wardrobe!

I am currently up to volume 2 of the story, of the five volumes. I don't know if the story has been completed yet or not, as I did not want to ruin the story for myself by reading ahead.

Anyway, this is a great story so far and I highly recommend it.

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