Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Once Upon A Time In The North

Blouse, waistcoat and skirt all from second hand shop.
Cameo brooch from costume jewellery shop.
I really want to wear my fob watch but it wouldn't fit in the pockets of this waistcoat!

I just finished reading Phillip Pullman's Once Upon A Time in the North this morning. It was a real treat, a short little adventure about Lee Scoresby, long before the events of His Dark Materials. I was always fond of Lee and his daemon Hester, so I really enjoyed this, as well as getting to know some of his past adventures. I would recommend reading this after His Dark Materials, as that is when Lee is first introduced, but I think it is possible to read this one as a stand alone book, although some aspects of the world and cultures may not be immediately apparent. 

Once Upon A Time in the North is a short little book with lovely line illustrations that resemble woodcuts. The copy I have has a little paper game in the back of the book, too. It was a Christmas present. Yay!

Oh and if you feel like it, check out my Goodreads account, I've listed loads of books there I haven't had time to review yet. You can add me to your circle too if you have a Goodreads account. It's actually a really good way of keeping track of books you've read and it's reminded me of a few books I read a long time ago I forgot the titles of.