Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Ice Wastes

Today is appropriately cold and windy to be reading Predator's Gold by Phillip Reeve, as (at the moment, at least) it is set in the Ice Wastes. So I can hear the wind blowing outside while I read, and I can wear my furry explorer jacket which I had just put away for the summer.

Jacket second hand.

Waistcoat and top second hand. Necklace made by me with fake leather thonging, keys, 
cameo pendant and ankh. Knee socks from Kmart or somewhere like that.
Skirt second hand. Boots second hand, my favourites.
Walking stick my boyfriend's from our formal.

Bracelets and rings found second hand.

Earrings. I wore a pair of the copper Celtic dragon ones, which I got from a hippie store, and one of the silver key ones, which I made myself with earring hooks an little key pendants. I think they might have been the key to something once, maybe a tiny padlock. I found them among my boyfriend's things.

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  1. You even have an explorers jacket - how amazing. It is so interesting and unique. What a great find! loving the jewelery too - I love things like that!