Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gypsy Dancer/ Tightrope Walker

This outfit has several inspirations: 

 Queen Mab, from the 1998 Merlin miniseries, one of the best movies ever. Mab has been a constant inspiration to me ever since I saw the miniseries. 

There is also inspiration from circuses and tightrope walkers such as the one in Ecstasia by Francesca Lia Block. (I will write a review when I finish it.)

The last inspiration is Serena, the gypsy who danced with wolves in The Maiden and the Wolves.

Headband: Necklace from second hand shop held on with hairclips
Earrings: Key earrings I made from tiny keys that I found in my boyfriend's stuff
Sequinned crochet top from second hand shop
Skirt from second hand shop
Boots from second hand shop.


Queen Mab. I adore all her outfits!

Angele and Serena in Serena's dress. I really want that dress.
Serena also has a beaded headband across her forehead.


  1. i love that skirt so much!

  2. A great interpretation of your inspirations. Love the headband especially!


  3. Totally cool outfit! The headband is very pretty, is it sparkly? I like sparkles... It looks sparkly in the picture... Anyway really cool and nice.