Saturday, 10 December 2011

Treatment of Female Superheroes: From

Warning, the linked video contains adult themes and is not suitable for children.

This is a fascinating artefact of women's role in comics, and it is amazing to see the callous way female characters were treated in the past, along with the way certain writers championed strong female characters. The title of the blog post is a little questionable, but the content is sound and really offers some great insight into the history of the comic book industry, and the role of women in literature and the media in general.

"Is there any other comic book character more cruelly treated than Ms. Marvel in the The 200th issue of the Avengers? Watch the exceptionally strange history of Ms. Marvel play out in this amazing video, and debate over which comic character has been crapped on the most by the writers.
Made by The Escapist's Bob Chipman, this series reveals the ugly truth behind Marvel's rape-apologist story and what writers such as Chris Claremont did in response."

I really haven't worked out how to embed videos that aren't YouTube, so please follow the link:

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